Septoplasty Cost

A deviated septum can cause create discomfort when it blocks airflow when breathing through the nose. Most doctors will recommend Septoplasty for those who suffer from a deviated septum, but one question that often comes up is how much is it going to cost? When you think of how much value there is in easy breathing, the nominal cost of this procedure is well worth it.

In considering costs for any surgical procedure, hospital admission is one of the factors that increase a patient’s cost. Fortunately, Septoplasty rarely requires hospital admission. Another fact that raises a patient’s septoplasty cost is whether local or general anesthesia is used. Local anesthesia can be used in cut-and-dry Septoplasty procedures, but if the case is more complicated your surgeon may recommend general anesthesia. Granted, septoplasty costs will increase if general anesthesia is necessary, but it is important to talk with your surgeon first to see if general anesthesia is necessary and why.

Another way to reduce extraneous costs for your Septoplasty procedure is to make sure you go to an experience, qualified surgeon. A highly skilled surgeon can speak honestly with you about septoplasty costs and set your expectations much better than a surgeon who has only performed this procedure a handful of times. Dr. Philip J. Miller is a critically acclaimed and highly qualified specialist, recognized nationally for his expertise in cosmetic and facial plastic surgery. Dr. Miller has been voted as one of New York’s Top Doctors by Castle Connolly Guide, which is a trusted source for identifying and celebrating only the best doctors in America. Dr. Miller has also been voted a Best Doctor in America for four years in a row and garnered international acclaim and recognition from his peers for being one of the best in his field.

Dr. Miller is a surgeon who will assess your surgical need and give you honest feedback about what you need. He will properly set your expectations about Septoplasty, or any other procedure you may consider having Dr. Miller perform. Visit today and request your consultation today to find out how much a septoplasty in New York will cost you!